You probably know that lip colour happens to be a huge obsession of mine. So I will start off with a brown nude Matte Lipstick from NYX (#29). It’s creamy, long-lasting and I love the way It can take your make up from day to a glam night look. If you love matte lips then you will love this one.


As a woman I spend hours experimenting with different colours, products and looks. I take this opportunity to talk about my favourite product lately. I’m using a NYX Eye Shadow Base : Skin Tone. This is a creamy, skin tone product designed to provide a base for your eyeshadow and make it last a very long time. It is also available in two other shades : White & Pearl. It’s easy to apply and perfectly blend with natural shadows.


Next product is a NYX roll on Shimmer #01 GREEN. This is a product designed to provide fun looks, especially night out looks and roll easily onto eyes, face & body. The best part of this product is that it has a roll on applicator that makes the application easier. These NYX roll on Shimmers pop a lot more with matchy eyeshadow colours.


Over the years I realised that nothing transforms a face quite like eyebrows do. I have fairly thin eyebrows, which wasn’t a problem until the fuller brows came in style. So, eyebrow powder is my must have makeup essential nowadays. Lately, I am using the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder Dark Brown, witch is available in six different shades. The product includes wax, slanted brush and a round wand to shape & style eyebrows. I don’t really use the brushes cause they are not really handy and the wax make the eyebrows look too shiny. Also, the wax quantity should have been more, cause it’ll finish out before the powders.


The NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel is the most important part in my eyebrow routine. What I love about this product is once my brows are set with it, they don’t move. When you pull it out of tube, It’s really cleaning a lot of that gel off the brush. It dries quickly and provides you the right amount of product each time.