My Skin-care Routine

  1. Recently, I realized how much my lifestyle affects the way my skin looks. The key for a healthy skin is a combination of prevention and maintenance : propert diet, drink plenty of water, sleep well, remember to take off your make up every night. From personal experience, fruits,vegetables and water (plenty of water!) are essential to your diet. Also, exclude dairy from my diet actually works for me and my skin looks a lot better!

Next step for a stunning skin is to use the right beauty products on regural basis! I mean it girls, every day, no exceptions! So, I wanted to talk to you about a product I recently included in my daily skin routine.


The product I’m currently using is L’Oreal Triple Active Day cream. What I like about this one is that it has a wonderful moisturising effect without feeling heavy or greasy. Also, It’s not too thick and easy to apply and blend into your skin. Normally, I apply it  to a freshly cleansed face  (great fresh smell) as a base before applying my foundation.


About the product: 

– All day hydration

– UV Filter for protection

– contains Vitamin E, Ceramide, Vitamin B5 for a glowing skin

– suited for all skin types

Denim Cool Outfits

Whether it’s a simple denim pant or something more embellished, you cannot help but love it!

MET GALA 2017 : Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons

Our favourite outfits from the Costume Institute exhibition is all here!

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Beauty Trends : Create your own mastepiece

Red Lips : Brighter or darker shades they are a statement on their own!

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Smokey Eye : The main beauty look for every woman!

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No Makeup : Not afraid of your real beauty!

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It’s all about that pink

Candy pink-baby pink-shocking pink: pink is the coolest colour of Spring. Say yes to the pink invasion trend.

Wear Less : the new bralettes are the coolest tops for Spring-Summer 2017

The coolest tops of Sping Summer 2017 is here! We will finally be able to wear it under a jacket, over a T-shirt or as a top.

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SEASIDE & BANKER STRIPES : The must-have pattern

Inspired by Wall Street or by umbrellas, stripe trend fits right in for summer. Stripes in all shades of the rainbow· cause there is no summer without the navy look.



In today’s post I’m wearing Stradivarius accessories, perfect for an ideal coachella look. It’s such an easy outfit and you realize that a simple accessory can transform your little black dress to bohemian glam! 



            → HERE

             → HERE


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