Tangle Teezer : Partner for my hair


In this article we are covering what the tangle teezer does, how it works and of course the benefits it has for your hair! I found that with the tangle teezer brush it took less than half the time to get through my tangles as a regular brush. The bristles aren’t that long, so I found that the most effective way to use this brush was to section up my hair rather than trying to get the brush through all of it at once.



Brushing your hair after showering is really bad for it, cause your hair is more fragile when it’s wet. Tangle Teezer causes a lot less damage and it’s much kinder to your hair than a regular brush or comb.The other thing that I loved about this brush·it’s smaller than other combs, so it’s the ideal travel accessory.It’s price is approximately 14€ but you can find almost the same brush from other companies in a lower price(6-12€).

Hope you enjoy my post! 🙂



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